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Redneck Gift Wrap
Written by Billy Bob   
When people ask us about gift wrap, we know they is actually Redneck wannabies because the Redneck Toolkit already comes in a pretty shipping box - just slap a fresh piece of duct tape on it with a nice holiday message.  If'in it's fer someone real special, you can pop on a mini-bow.  Here's a picture in case you are havin' a hard time visualizing it.

Data Recovery with The Redneck Toolkit
Written by Billy Bob   
Yes this is real. Right here at RedneckToolkit.com some Redneck (won't tell you which one) jammed a misaligned data cable into this harddrive - so hard that it pushed one of the connector pins through and detached it's solder joint. Realigning the pin allowed connection, but pressure was needed to keep the connection stable enough to do data recovery. The white cardboard is putting pressure on the connection, but without the duct tape, the data would not come off the drive!

Gotta have a Redneck Toolkit around the office!

rtk data recovery

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